The Board is ultimately responsible for governance and oversight, ensuring that the work of the CBE is done correctly and in compliance with applicable legislation and best practice. The Board reviews the strategic priorities of the Bank, determines the investment policies and delegates to management the detailed planning and implementation of the objectives and policies in accordance with acceptable risk parameters. The Board monitors compliance with policies and achievement against set objectives by holding management accountable for its activities through performance reporting and budget updates.

Gender Distribution

Board Composition Summary

All Board members have a minimum qualification of a Master’s Degree save for two. Three of them have a Doctorate, with one having reached the rank of professor. The qualifications of Board members range from Economics, Law, Accounting as well as Information Technology. The diverse skills give the Board pedigree to handle various issues in the Board Committees with firm understanding.

Three of the Board members are female (33 per cent of Board composition), one of them being an Executive member in the person of the Deputy Governor. Three of the non-executive Directors have served more than one term giving the Committee the much-needed experience in central banking.

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